St. Mary Parish Redistricting Alternatives


Redistricting is the redrawing of legislative districts. This includes US Congressional Districts, State legislative and representative districts, and – of course – local bodies including the Parish Council.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years after the results of the Census are released to the states.

Redistricting is a necessary part of living in a representative democracy. Over the course of the last decade people in our community have moved due to social, economic, and environmental reasons. Births, deaths, and in- and out-migration have played significant roles in how the population has shifted since 2010.

The redistricting process ensures that the Parish Council and School Board comply with state and federal law by ensuring that citizens living in our community are equally represented among the various bodies of government. This principle of “one person, one vote” was established in the U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 2 and was further defined in the 14th Amendment (Equal Protection Clause).

In addition, Louisiana law also requires the Parish Council and School Board to examine the population every 10 years and make necessary boundary adjustments. Louisiana Revised Statues 33:1411 deals with parochial governments including parish councils and Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:71.1 –17:71.7 deals with school boards.


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